Das crises económicas, políticas, nacionais e federais

Moreover, they can also attempt to block in extremis inter-governmental resolutions in case of “threats to life and limb”. If GIIPS national governments do not do so, it is because they need to assume responsibility for decisions taken jointly by the European Council, or else they run the risk of being left out of the negotiating table. During the Eurozone crisis, GIIPS national Governments saw the need to be part of the European Council negotiating table, but they did not take full responsibility for it. Back home, they neither said why they needed to be there, nor did they ask their populations whether they still wanted to be there. Instead, they showed only their national hat and presented the TINA predicament as an imposition from outside.

Vale a pena seguir o sítio da publicação original: http://www.eldiario.es/agendapublica/


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