Noutros países, reforma-se o sistema económico com outras preocupações

“A aquellos que dentro o fuera del país, con buenas o malas intenciones, nos alientan a ir más rápido, les decimos que continuaremos sin prisa, pero sin pausa, con los pies y los oídos bien pegados a la tierra, sin terapias de choque contra el pueblo y sin dejar a ningún ciudadano desamparado, superando la barrera del inmovilismo y la mentalidad obsoleta en favor de desatar los nudos que frenan el desarrollo de las fuerzas productivas, o sea, el avance de la economía, como cimiento imprescindible para afianzar, entre otras esferas, los logros sociales de la Revolución en la educación, la salud pública, la cultura y el deporte, que debieran ser derechos humanos fundamentales y no un negocio particular.”


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3 Responses to Noutros países, reforma-se o sistema económico com outras preocupações

  1. jms says:

    We’ve built a world based on the assumption that we will have endless energy to subsidize endless economic expansion, which was supposed to magically produce justice. That world is over, both in reality and in dreams. Either we begin to build a different world, or there will be no world capable of sustaining a large-scale human presence.

    If that’s not clear: When we take seriously what physics, chemistry and biology tell us about the health of the living world on which we depend, we all should be thinking apocalyptically. Look at any crucial measure of the ecosphere – groundwater depletion; topsoil loss; chemical contamination; increased toxicity in our own bodies; the number and size of “dead zones” in the oceans, accelerating extinction of species and reduction of biodiversity; and the ultimate game-changer of climate disruption – and ask a simple question: Where we are heading? Scientists these days are talking about tipping points and planetary boundaries, about how human activity is pushing the planet beyond its limits.

    If we look honestly at the state of the world, it is difficult not to conclude that we are in end times of sorts – not the end of the physical world, but the end of the First-World way of living and the end of the systems on which that life is based.

  2. Rocha says:

    Pois pois, reformas num país socialista na minha opinião são uma péssimo sinal. Estou a ver um contraste cada vez maior entre o Fidel que foi sempre um verdadeiro marxista-leninista até ao último dia do seu mandato e o irmão Raul que não me inspira confiança.

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